Breeder group achievements with all A-litter dogs:

** BIS1 breeder at Finnish Dalmatian Specialty Show 11.8.2018 **
6 puppy show BIS breeder placement out of 8 puppy shows we entered at 2017.


Sire: C.I.B & FI & EE MVA, HeW-11
Holmankarin Robert Redford
Roope's health:
Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
BAER +/+
Millie's health:
Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
BAER +/+
Spine unofficially xrayed ok.
Dam: FI  CH, DK CH
Lovinda's Miss Millie
Lil Eagle's A-litter was born 3rd of may 2017. 12 pups total, 11 born naturally and 1 unfortunately dead girl pup by c-section. All puppies and mom are doing great. Puppies will be ready for new homes starting from 21.6.2017.
All puppies BAER +/+ and vet checked. No twisted tails. One blue eye and one patch. All boys have both testicles. Some teeths missing.

11 puppies:

5 girls (2 black, 3 liver)
6 boys (3 black incl 1 patch, 3 liver).


Black boys:
Green w. spots (nr 1) / Lil Eagle's Almost Illegal "Urho" SOLD
Blue w. spots (nr 5) / Lil Eagle's Agent Black "Luka" SOLD
Black w. spots (nr 7, patch) / Lil Eagle's Anakin Skywalker "Hugo" SOLD

Liver boys:
Green (nr 6) Lil Eagle's Again And Again "Romi", SOLD
Black (nr 8) / Lil Eagle's Admiral Robert "Unto", CO-HOME
Blue (nr 11) Lil Eagle's Arman Charming Hero ""Chewie" SOLD

Black girls:
Red w. spots (nr 3) Lil Eagle's Amyrose Heaven Knows "Armi" SOLD
Lilac w. spots (nr 10) Lil Eagle's Adara Miss Me "Dimmu", CO-HOME

Liver girls:
Yellow (nr 2) Lil Eagle's A Little Bit Of Josephine "Nöpö" SOLD
Lilac (nr 4) Lil Eagle's Awesome Wicked One "Aawa" SOLD
Red (nr 9) Lil Eagle's Alice In Wonderland "Alice" SOLD

A-litter is a combination of two great dalmatians. Father is C.I.B & FI & EE MVA, HeW-11 Holmankarin Robert Redford (C.I.B, FI & EE & LT MVA, HeW-11 Sassafras Paint It Black x C.I.B, FI & EE & RU & LT & DK MVA, EE VMVA, RKFV, EUJV-06, PMVV-13, MVV-14 Holmankarin Josephine) and HeJW '15, TLNJW-16, FI CH, DK CH Lovinda's Miss Millie (C.I.B, SE & EE & BY & RO & RU CH City Kid's Dantes Peak x NO CH Lovinda's Heavens Door).
Roope has really great, loving personality and is so easy with other dogs, kids and people. Roope has achieved so much in the show rings and he is also Finnish club specialty show BIS winner 2016. I have been previledged to see Roope's offsprings close, and I am happy to see that he leaves himself really strongly and makes beautiful offsprings. Roope is a male dalmatian with a huge heart <3.
More about Roope: http://www.holmankarin.net/Koirat/holmankarin_robert_redford.html
Millie has such lovely and calm character. Her body structure is well balanced and strong but still so feminine. She has a clear Lovinda's label and I want to cherich that. Her pedigree has alot of great and successful dalmatians.
More about Millie: http://www.lileagles.fi/millie
Both of them has lived their lifes healthy and have a character of pure gold.
This couple fills up Finnish Dalmatian Club regulations and recommendations.
PUPPY INQUIRIES: Suvi Lukjanov +358 400 474 102, sumppa@gmail.com

Litter pics and breeder groups

Lil Eagle's Allmost Illegal "Urho", HD B/B, ED 0/0, VA0, LTV1
black spotted boy, BAER +/+, 2 x RES-CAC

Lil Eagle's A Little Bit Of Josephine "Nöpö", HD B/A, ED 0/0
brown spotted girl, BAER +/+, 2 x CAC, TLNJW-18

Lil Eagle's Amyrose Heaven Knows "Armi"
black spotted girl, BAER +/+

Lil Eagle's Awesome Wicked One "Aawa" HD B/B, ED 0/0, 
LTV0, VA0, brown spotted girl, BAER +/+, one blue eye

Lil Eagle's Agent Black "Luka" HD B/A, ED 0/0
black spotted boy, BAER +/+

Lil Eagle's Again And Again "Romi" aka Hra Hakkarainen
HD B/B, ED 0/0, brown spotted boy, BAER +/+

Lil Eagle's Anakin Skywalker "Hugo"
black spotted boy, BAER +/+, patch, neutered

Lil Eagle's Admiral Robert "Unto" HD A/A, ED 0/0, LTV0, VA0
brown spotted boy, BAER +/+

Lil Eagle's Alice In Wonderland "Alice"
brown spotted girl, BAER +/+

Lil Eagle's Adara Miss Me "Dimmu"
black spotted girl, BAER +/+

Lil Eagle's Arman Charming Hero "Chewie"
brown spotted boy, BAER +/+, neutered

KYSELYT / INQUIRIES: Suvi Lukjanov +358 400 474 102, sumppa@gmail.com
Dalmatiankoirat - Dalmatinerna ry:n jäsenkasvattaja. Member of Dalmatiankoirat - Dalmatinerna ry - finnish dalmatian breed club.
Suomen Kennelliiton sitoumuskasvattaja vuodesta 2015. Member of Finnish kennel club (Suomen Kennelliitto) since 2015.
FCI rekisteröity kasvattaja. FCI registered breeder.
SuKoKa (Suomen Koirankasvattajat) ry:n jäsenkasvattaja. Member of Finnish dog breeder club.
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