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Black spotted male
Dob: 17.4.2014

Merry Go Round Mach Ten (US)

FI & EE CH , V-11, PMVV-17, Dalmatian Of the Year winner 2011
Holmankarin One Of Us (FI)

Breeder: kennel Holmankarin, Eeva-Maija and Laura Ripatti, Finland
Owner: Asta Lehto, Finland


BAER +/+
Officially xrayed 5.10.2020 at 6 years old.
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Spine: SP0, VA0, LTV1
All teeth
Shoulders unofficially xrayed and looked clear.

Sire "Boomer"'s health:
Dob: 11.12.2000, black spotted, HD OFA Good, BAER +/+

Dam "Salli"'s health:
Dob: 21.5.2009, liver spotted, HD C/C, ED 0/0, all teeth


EXC in open class 3.8.2019 from judge Deborah Harbin, Australia


From his owner:
"Urho is very gentle and kind by nature. Urho enjoys a lot of people and gets along well with young children as well."

Urho is really social and kind with other dogs, including other males. He loves playing, running and to be chased around by other dogs and humans. Happy boy and his tail is never still. He lives in countryside with his human family with kids and with two dalmatian little sisters.
He has a bit of interest towards game and pray.

His dad Boomer won it all around the USA. He also won the most appreciated dog show Westminster Group 1 and he was the top winning Dalmatian in the history of the breed in his time. He was loved by the dog people all over the world.

"Mach 10 is the best moving Dalmatian I've seen and he lived to be 15 years old. He was perfectly balanced and had precision foot fall. He had robust health. - breeder Patti Strand"

Urho's mom Salli has been healthy for all her life, she is now 11 years old. Still she is very energetic and playfull, you never would quess the age. She has long, strong stride and well constructed, nicely rounded bodytype. She is well with kids and easy to travel with. All is good to her. When she figures out something, she really puts all her effort to that. Salli has also shined in the showrings. She is FI & EE CH and was also awarded with the title Dalmatian of the Year 2011 in Finland.



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