BIS-3 Breeder in Puppy Voittaja 2017, All from A-litter (Photo: Petri Örling)

Caprilli's Lady Luck and me 2015.

S T O R Y   B E H I N D   T H I S

K E N N E L N A M E ?


Lil is for Lillit, the awesome dam of my two boys, bred by Viola Speier, kennel Assiduitas. A tribute to Viola's work. Also pointing to little. And to LUA girl Caprilli's Lady Luck "Lilli".


Eagle is a proud, noble creature as I think dalmatians are also. My male Touko is also officially named Assiduitas Legal Eagle.



Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved dogs. When she was a little girl, she helped her sister, neigbours and all she knew had dogs to take care of their loved ones. When she was  16, she got her very own first dog, Riku. Riku was a Beagle. Unfortunately Riku died quite young to cancer. One day this still young girl tought that she wants to have another dog. She visited a dog shelter and her eyes cought on a dalmatian. It was 4 years old cute deaf dalmatian called Iida (Fidelis Qumran). It was year 2001 then.


Soon after that she decided that there is room also for another dog, so she got Landseer-mix called Lotta. Those two lived a long, happy life together for over ten years before they moved over the rainbow bridge, almost at the same time. Iida at the age of 15 years and 9 months, Lotta at almost 12 years of age. Only 2 weeks between their journeys. Those was saddest weeks of my life. About 1,5 years before that, I had strongered our team with Arvi (Assiduitas Kangaroo Court). Arvi was a co-owned dal and he  is the reason I got in to the dog shows. Arvi is so amazing dal, I cannot figure out more better. After he was left alone after girls, he really needed to have a bro. Definetly. I think Dals should not live alone. Atleast not ones with the nature and love like Arvi has. So, Touko (Assiduitas Legal Eagle) moved to our family (Thank you Viola for that).


Touko has become so awesome male, and he is the power that pushed me into breeding. Rest is history to come. At the beginning summer 2015, I bought two lovely bitches. First Lovinda's Miss Millie from Norway, kennel Lovinda's and second is  long time dream, a LUA bitch Caprilli's Lady Luck from USA, Stephanie Yates, kennel Caprilli's. I love dalmatians, their temperature and loving nature. Summer 2016 I bought Reino, Touko's son from kennel Pikku Särpättimen. Reino stole my heart right a way by beeing a copy of his dad <3. Reino lives in a co-home with Ella in Tervakoski.

Two litters now bred (2017 and 2018), third one under planning for 2019. I have left two dals from each litter for co-owning and I have two different lines that I can use. I also have bought two bitches more, Poppa from Russia and LUA girl Aino from kennel Aboensis, Turku Finland. I hope to have a great material to go on with my breeding in the future.

A-litter has been so super beautiful and even litter and we have gained multple BIS Breeder placements and many BIG placements with them. What a start we have had! There is also alot of potential in B-litter, Lassi and Nana will do great in the future. I am sure of it!

There are so many people that has supported me in show grounds within dalmatian circles, but my most biggest helpers and teachers over these years has been Laura Ripatti (kennel Holmankarin) and the breeder of the best boys in the world, Viola Speier (kennel Assiduitas).

I promise, I will do my best to breed our breed with love and responsibility. <3

To all of you, remember this: If you ever need anything, the answer is YOU NEED A DAL!

updated 11.10.2018