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Touko became Latvian Champion

We are proud to tell you that Assiduitas Legal Eagle "Touko" became Latvian Champion 15.11.2015 in Group VI show in Riga, by judge Wieslava Misterka-Kluska, PL.

In the picture: left BOB Beloe Zoloto Luxury Line (Touko's half sister from Farao) and right BOO Assiduitas Legal Eagle.

RESULTS Assiduitas Legal Eagle "Touko":

14.11.2015 Riga Winner 2015, Latvia Judge: Andrzej Mania, PL Champion class EXC2, CQ, BM2, RES-CACIB

15.11.2015 Group VI show in Riga, Latvia Judge: Wieslava Misterka-Kluska, PL Champion class EXC1, CQ, BM1, CAC, BOS --> LV CH

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