MILLIE BIS-1 !!!!!

Oh my gosh what a brilliant day we had yesterday in Finnish Dalmatian Club organized Youngster's Grand Prix 2016 in Lohja, Finland. ! It took one day to be able to figure out what really happened :D As a Judge was invited honoured Leelo Ratas from kennel Alphadirato, Estonia. Total entries 42. This was also a rare occasion, cause I had all 5 of my dalmatians there! Although Arvi participated in unofficial Rally-competitions with Lilli's owner Tiina Nurmiaho.

First Pikku Särpättimen Crowned Eagle "Reino" was 4th in strong puppies 7-9 months males class with HP.

Then Reino's sisters Pikku Särpättimen Created By Little Sunshine "Nelly" and Pikku Särpättimen Catherine Middleton "Sade" looked really pretty in 7-9 months bitch class and Sade went 2th best with HP and later 4th best bitch puppy.

Our LUA girl Caprilli's Lady Luck showed that she really has the body, structure, balance and the character and was first 2nd best bitch in Youth 15-20 months with HP and then 4th best bitch in whole youth class.

Lovinda's Miss Millie had a show we could not even dream about. First she won her class Youth 20-24 months, then BB1 in Younth class, then BOB Youth and finally BIS-1!!!! We are over the moon!!!

Then we had brace, where Reino and Millie met first time ever and it could have gone better I think. But, people had their fun out of it :D We ended up BIS-3 brace.

In Progeny class Touko showed his kids. There was Tosca from Marnellin N-litter and Reino, Nelly and Sade from Pikku Särpättimen C-litter. I love the group and we ended up as BIS-2 Progeny group with HP out of 6 showed Progeny groups.

Huge thanks to all my dalmatian owners and loving families! And thank you for Pikku Särpättimen breeder for lending me the girls for the Progeny class! I am so proud of you all!!!! <3

Lovinda's Miss Millie BIS-1

Lovinda's Miss Millie BIS-1

Lovinda's Miss Millie BOB Youth and BOS Youth Firehouse's Such A Fullback and judge Leelo Ratas, Estonia kennel Alphadirato.