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Touko is Finland's 2nd best Show Dalmatian 2016!

It is time to add up the year 2016. And what a year we have had! I am so proud of our team and our dals success! So happy and proud of my dogs co-homes for all the hard work they have done with our dalmatians! So Sari Airiainen, Tiina Nurmiaho and Ella Penttilä, KIITOS!

And here comes what we have done this year:

Assiduitas Legal Eagle "Touko"

* C.I.B confirmed 14.10.2016 * Estonian CH confirmed 7.11.2016 * Helsinki Winner 2016 won with BOB and CACIB 10.12.2016

* Beautiful babies born at kennel Pikku Särpättimen, Finland at 24.3.2016 and also to kennel Dalylove, Estonia at 18.8.2016

* BOS in Finnish dalmatian club Open Show 2016

* Also 3 x BOB, 5 x BOS, 1 x BIG-1

Lovinda's Miss Millie "Millie"

*Tallinn Junior Winner 2016 16.4.2016 * Perfect hip (A/A) elbow (0/0) and BAER (+/+) results

* Finnish dalmatian club Youngster's Grand Prix 2016 Show BIS-1

* 1 x BOB, 4 x CAC

* Finland's 25th best show dalmatian 2016!

Caprilli's Lady Luck "Lilli"

* Perfect hip (A/A) and elbow (0/0) results

* Good evaluations from the shows

* She has done so good job maturing and growing <3

Pikku Särpättimen Crowned Eagle "Reino"

* 1 x class win in puppy class in Puppy Helsinki Winner 2016

* Practicing life and show career for the future [x]

* Moved to co-home to Ella Penttilä

* Reino was born! <3

Assiduitas Kangaroo Court "Arvi"

* Arvi has just been addorrable himself and kissed alot of people and made alot of new people to fall in love with dalmatians <3

THANK YOU ALL FOR YEAR 2016! We have so much great plans for 2017, so BRING IT ON! We are ready! :D

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